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11.01.11 - Watch the tribute to towers everywhere


  7.17.07 - Hudsonville Towing helps company save time and money.
       Last month, we recieved a call from Bridgeway Power. They needed our help to transport a generator from their terminal in Grand Rapids to the Mart St. Dock in Muskegon. The job required us to position the generator to make it possible for the crane to lift it off of the trailer and place it on the ship. It was a late night, to say the least. Two weeks later, we had to be on dock again at 2 AM. This time, we had to meet the ship as it was coming in so the crane could put the generator back on our trailer. When that was done, we transported it back to Grand Rapids. This unique job had special circumstances, namely the time of day. But we had to act at this time due to the fact that these freighters measure effeciency in minutes and seconds.
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